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social life

  1. Rares

    Best ways there are to get to know "like-minded" people in real life?

    The problem is that all the people I know who are diligent like me, do not really want to put the effort into doing something entrepreneurial. Of course, there are many ways to connect with people who want to start their entrepreneurial venture online but I want to find somebody, or it could be...
  2. Hadrian9

    Simple way to become more extroverted and less socially anxious

    This is a simple system to reduce social anxiety and get more confident and present in social situations. I used to be extremely introverted and socially paranoid, never having friends and thinking someone passing by on a walk was judging my every move. I never found the advice "Just be...
  3. MTF

    Are 20-40 Years Old More Lonely Than Ever?

    I've been noticing this problem more and more often recently: people in their late twenties/early thirties are lonely and have very few friends. Perhaps it's only limited to me, my girlfriend, and some people I know so I wanted to post this thread and figure this out. Here are a few thoughts to...
  4. P

    What do young professionals struggle the most with their social life

    Hello everyone, I'm doing a research on how to improve the work life balance of young professionals. One of my friend went into consulting and he really struggles with getting on dates. And I would like to find out what are the biggest problems to find solutions. What are the 2 biggest issues...