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  1. Darwin Diaz

    How do I provide value to a Facebook Group I'm creating?

    I have this validated idea for a Shopify app. I've created a Facebook Group to catch my target audience. I'm scared to death. Too many I's, I know. I have never created content before and am getting sick trying to think about how I'll: 1 - Grow the group. 2 - Create content that provides...
  2. H

    Am I silly for changing careers from Engineering to Sales?!

    Hi all, great to be here, I've recently read fastlane millionaire, which opened my eyes to the mindsets and beliefs I used to have that were flawed.. so I decided to change careers from process engineer to sales engineer. I'm a 24 yr old man that had a good slowlane job with with a good...
  3. Coordin

    Swimming Against My Current

    So far life has been fairly straight forward for me. I graduated college this past May (without debt, thank you parents) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. My only blunder so far (in the world of financial independence) was purchasing a new car putting me a little under 10k in debt. Currently at the...
  4. M

    The fastlane of a young 24years old guy HELP

    Hello everyone I'm Matteo from italy, salerno. I'm 24 and I'm trying to run on my fastlane. I have invested everything in one year to create different brands: 2 restaurant (one of this two restaurant is still close, I have to open it next month) 1 pizza delivery restaurant 3 holiday homes...
  5. Marco Cuevas

    A Veteran on a Civilian Mission

    I left active duty in 2007, but remained a Reservist until 2015. I will always cherish my time serving my country. The values have remained and I strive to continuously give back - which is the biggest reason I work in the non-profit industry at the moment! I fell to consumerism when I was...