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  1. theVelaG

    Potential contradiction on saving money? Answer.

    Somewhere mj commented that the guru who has two fathers said that saving is for losers and mj said the opposite, that it is for winners. Now, in the last book mj says that saving (being a saver) still means you are in the rat race. so saving is good or bad? in what context?
  2. MJ DeMarco

    You decide... $180,000 per hour? Or $8 bucks.

    Mercedes? Lexus? Audi? Doesn't matter. These people get paid $8 bucks per hour on their time. View: TRANSCRIPT:
  3. B

    Buying stock is actually "Saving" not "Investing"!!

    We used to think that buying stock at the stock market as investing. Financial magazine say so, your brokers say so, and everyone says so. But I want to share with you an idea that hit me really hard. The idea is from Cullen Roche's book "Pragmatic Capitalism". While I don't agree with all the...
  4. KenDunlop

    Should I stop working Mondays?

    I've been able to save up £18,000 from savings out of my paycheck over the two years of Covid. Each month I've reliably been able to save at least £500. This is great, but this year I don't want yet another year of saving and want to do something more radical. I'm considering working part-time...
  5. G

    Entrepreneur/Investor Starter Pack | What to Learn | Practical Info Only

    You read The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime! & UNSCRIPTED: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship You now know that education starts today! Life did happen before and there are some consequences, so.. Reading best selling books about...
  6. OldFaithful

    Interesting Little Nugget from MMM

    Greetings! I know it's pretty popular here to trash the blog MrMoneyMustache from time to time, but I recently found this little nugget in a blog post from March 22, 2012. "But the Rich people know that the thing money is most useful for is making more money for you automatically. A rich...
  7. Hassassin

    Young Fastlane Savers Club (Plant your fastlane seeds. NOW)

    I joined when I was 16. I'll be turning 21 in less then a month... It's been a long time and it's frikkin awesome to be back. Anyways, I'm not here to give you my life story. But to share progress, and more importantly, propose two questions to the fellow young bucks (under 25s) on the forum...