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  1. LDumm

    The most important part of a plan is planning on your plan not going to plan.

    You probably have heard this expression in one form or another. If you take this to the extreme, this could mean that you never succeed with your business(es) until you are old and cannot work anymore. I would be interested if anybody follows this advice and if so, how? Do you invest in a...
  2. ADR

    Looking for IRA 401K rollover insight

    Does anyone (or know anyone) that rollovers IRA / 401K funds for a retirement / financial services company?
  3. ADR

    401K Rollover process took 24 days... big opportunity.

    Earlier this year I began the rollover of funds process to my new employers plan. Both of the investment companies processes were outdated and slow. All the documents were sent over on the same or next day from my side. I don't have much insight on this industry but my assumption is that there...
  4. SDE

    One More Tale About a Crushed Hope

    This video popped in my feed today. Though it's almost a year old, I still felt like posting it here. His ''hope'' to retire was beaten to death by the SCRIPT like that of millions before him. It was painful for me to watch because of his smile. He's smiling in the video but most people will...
  5. Connor

    Retirement Is Looking Bleak for Millennials...

    Don't think anyone else has posted this, but my apologies if I missed it. Further proof that the Script is a scam: To retire at 65, millennials will need to save nearly half of their paycheck Love how these percentages that the masses espouse use ridiculous assumptions, such as 10% average...
  6. B

    Is complete passive options possible?

    Edit: Hey everyone! I've heard a lot the concept of passive income and financial freedom, but I still don't get it, like is there a way to a completely PASSIVE option? I'm talking about not working at all (not even 3-4 hours a week) and still earning money. "False" passive option: So first...
  7. TreyAllDay

    Entrepreneurship RUINED my vacation!

    In a good way - I think! About 2 years ago, I read Millionaire Fastlane while on vacation in Cancun. It was the first vacation I had taken, something my parents could not afford growing up. It was so INCREDIBLE at the time to escape my corporate job and be drinking beers on a beach. Something...
  8. Hai

    Crypto Retirement...What now

    Beginning 2017 I started to save up money to invest in eCommerce. This is where net worth grew slowly through a job, because my businesses all failed to give consistent revenue. Instead of investing into physical products, I ended up investing into several ICOs and trading. It takes about 2h of...
  9. Galaxy16

    The *GOLDEN YEARS* euphemism.

    Alright, who came up with that idea? Maybe because of the hidden stinking lump of turd (see page 5 in Fastlane) in golden? Well, maybe fake gold. Then certainly yes. And then I see billboards sometimes from banks, banners from beauty magazines, etc. with SMILING OLD PEOPLE! Yes, as if aging is...
  10. Galaxy16

    What books are suitable for my 67-year-old slowlane father?

    (Administrators: Please reduce text size to normal. My mobile editor ceases to work.) My father is aging terribly. He is getting greedy, he is financially stressed and getting ill often. He is also physically getting weak. He is a non-smoker and a non-drinker, but often destressed. What are...
  11. Zachary Kirkland

    Hello Everyone!

    A little about myself, I am one of the owners of Dynamism Financial based out of Norfolk, VA. I found my passion in entrepreneurship and have loved every minute of being a part of the life. With doing so I also launched a blog site called 9 to 5 Revolution to help fellow entrepreneurs with...
  12. Growth & Learn

    Fastest path? Build a new business, RE investing, or buy an existing business?

    Hey all, Would love to get some thoughts and feedback on this. My core business is doing well. It's in the information marketing space. I'm trying to figure out where we should reinvest our profits so we can make some big jumps financially. Not looking to get a 6% return. Trying to really...
  13. Castillo

    Reading through reddit and found this... Seems like a fastlaner question, and I haven't read a fastlane response yet...