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retire early

  1. MJ DeMarco

    This 33 year old "retired early" eating bugs and landfill shopping...

    My best attempt at a Babylon Bee style article. As I mentioned on the INSIDE, The Millionaire Fastlane website was recently redesigned. As such, I satired a FIRE success story. Enjoy! I had a blast...
  2. MJ DeMarco

    From FIRE to DIRE...

    A nice take on this FIRE movement where people think they can scrimp and cheapskate their way to an early retirement (I retired at 35!) with less than $1M saved by leveraging Wall Street. The stock market’s downturn could mean a painful unwinding of the FIRE movement Reminder: Real financial...
  3. MJ DeMarco

    How to retire early, even with 2 kids! Blah blah blah...

    For the love of God, I'm growing tired of these stories. Another compound interest scam story with the survivor bias front and center.. How to retire in your 30s or 40s—even if you have kids On a closer look, they aren't even retired. The wife is working for health insurance and I'm not even...
  4. MJ DeMarco

    The absolute BEST book you MUST read!

    A reader emailed me last week and asked the following question: I've read all three of your books and I can't thank you enough, you've changed my life. [Redacted] What other books do you recommend to help me get started on my Fastlane? While I appreciate the compliment, there are two mental...

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