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rental property

  1. Rabby

    EXECUTION A side of rental houses

    My main, building a business execution thread is: EXECUTION - Building Industry-Specific Community -- Progress Thread But there are times every day when I just have to let the work rest, because I want to evaluate results before continuing to act. So in that spare time, since TV makes me...
  2. Connor

    REAL ESTATE Investing in Townhomes

    Alright, Fastlane Forum. Quick introduction here, and then we'll get to the fun part. First read TMF back in 2012, and I realized that I wouldn't achieve my goals by slowly climbing up the corporate ladder. Action faked for a while, and then I fell into the corporate trap for a few years, as...
  3. varifix

    Anyone in the vacation rental property management market?

    Hi all. I have an opportunity to join a business partner in expanding his property management company in a thriving vacation rental market in Central America. He currently has only 6 rentals he manages but wants to expand to at least another 6 or 7. These are very lucrative rentals - $2000 /...
  4. Rachel888

    INTRO On track to retire by age 27! Rachel from KY

    Hey guys! First time poster here, but what an absolute dream to have found a forum with like-minded people. The only person in the world I have met who is as ambitious as me and shares the same goals and values as I do is my fiance, Andrew... so at least I am lucky in that regard! But a whole...
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