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project management

  1. Andy Black

    Anyone using email to manage projects?

    Are there any project management / communication tools that allow clients to use email rather than have to log into a platform? I love Basecamp for managing projects (and as forum software for informal masterminds), but clients never log in and seem to prefer using email. I may just use...
  2. Meikel Muhr

    Trying to find a one trick pony!

    Dear Fastlaners, i am consultant for more than 10 years in the area of IT-Projectmanagement und Advisory to IT-Management. I have a very strong focus on Manufacturing companies that have SAP ERP in place and need to change, upgrade or implement the software. So far I am charing by hour or day...
  3. Olenairy

    Project Management Tools

    Hello Friends! Are you using the Project Management Tools for optimize your time? Share, please, your experience. Thanks
  4. V

    What is the best project management tool?

    hey guys, Was wondering what is the best project management tool? There are lots of tools available in the market for project management, but I want to know which one is the best? Thanks in advance!
  5. Andy Black

    Time & Project Management in a nutshell

    Someone just messaged me asking about Time Management and Project Management books. Here’s my reply. (Don’t discount this because it’s not 400 pages long, and because it’s free. I spent a lot of time and money learning this stuff!) # TIME MANAGEMENT Time management is a myth. You can’t...