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  1. P

    An artist's guide to creating a productocracy

    I came across this old but gold post (from 2008) from Kevin Keller - 1000 true fans It has been completely rewritten recently (2016/ 2017), but the original is still up there on the same page. The more and more I read it, the more and more I thought: This is basically what @MJ DeMarco would...
  2. Richard Gao

    Product assembly?

    Hi Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, but do any of you guys have good sources of info on product assembly? I have all the materials I need from multiple manufacturers, I just need to know more about assembling my product. I thought about assembling it in China but I am worried...
  3. amp0193

    How to Knock Off a Bag

    Many of you are scared that someone is going to steal your idea, copy your business model, or knock off your products. For some, like Saddleback Leather Co., who operate a productacracy, you instead make Youtube videos instructing others on how to better knock off your products (all the while...
  4. amp0193

    How You Can Get Your Business Featured on TV

    First Step - Have a Productacracy Have an amazing product that "pulls" people to it, not one that you have to "push" people to via tons of advertising. Something unique. Something cool. Something attractive. Something innovative. I.e. what @MJ DeMarco calls a Productacracy. If you're selling...