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  1. SnowLava

    What does it actually mean to change your mindset from a consumer to a producer?

    I kind of understand that it means seeing things with the perspective of a producer, but how do you implement it in real life? What are some habits I can do to have a producer mindset?
  2. aidanoffline

    Prototype done. Pre-orders or straight to sales?

    Hey all. For the past few months, I have been working like hell at this product I have created. I originally started the concept in mid-April and now have finally crafted the ideal version of my product. It's fully working and I am producing it using the resin 3D printer setup that I bought in...
  3. A

    Hello my is Absy and I’m a consumer

    Step 1 in my red pill process: As Alcoholics Anonymous tell many of my patients - it is important to acknowledge that you have a problem. Mine? I’m a consumer and dreamer. I keep myself in great shape. This is as much to do with what I don’t do as much as what I do. Don’t : drink, smoke, drugs...
  4. Niptuck MD

    Progress of creating a comprehensive portfolio

    This is a long overdue progress thread; I dont want to procrastinate further; I read fastlane and unscripted and then something about being an audio-visual person got me to Listening to the audio versions of it; i processed things differently (which was weird but thats just me) and delved deeper...
  5. J

    How many consumers do you think there are for every producer?

    As someone who aspires to be a producer and on the fastlane I couldn't help but notice there aren't that many people that actually produce. What do you think the ratio for every consumer is? 1 for every 10, 100? 1000?
  6. WildFlower

    I'm back on here from Los Angeles - Working the industry. How's it going? What'd I miss?

    Hi Everyone! This is a re-introduction as I joined in 2009. Are some of the "old-timers" still in here? I have always loved this forum. Been busy in the entertainment industry with success! YAY! I've been building up my son's career and my career in the industry that takes up most of my...