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  1. ChristianGDBG

    INTRO My name is Cherokee

    Hi I'm Cherokee, I'm 28. I was born, I started running, I started climbing, limits weren't a thing. Then society happened. I went to school, got indoctrinated into thinking I wasn't smart. Put myself in that box. Learn't about sales. Went back to school and passed A-levels to prove I wasn't a...
  2. RASA911216

    INTRO I love my job...and that's a problem. I want to FIRE!

    Hi everyone! It's great to finally be able to interact with the community. I'm a 27 years old Mechatronics Engineer in Mexico, currently working as a high school teacher and researcher. I've always loved school and wanted to be a teacher, but had my eyes opened by my sister who commented it was...
  3. Alxander

    Need to have an UNSCRIPTED presentation for my SCRIPTED college (English exam)

    Currently finishing college and will give a presentation about entrepreneurship cause I could choose anything I wanted. (like in life lol). It only needs to be 5-10 minutes long so it's gotta be in the fastlane. (these puns are getting quite good right?) I will explain the points a little bit...
  4. J

    How to develop a good eye for marketing / presentation?

    Presentation is everything. How do I develop the skills of making aesthetically pleasing presentations and documents? Any gurus out there for that?

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