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  1. Mihalsky

    INTRO Mihalsky from Poland

    Hi to honourable forum! My name is Michał, 28 yrs, I was born and live in Łódź, central Poland. I decided to join the forum as The Millionaire Fastline opened my eyes to many topics I previously avoided or I was afraid to say out loud. Thanks to this book I became conscious that what I am...
  2. Starlust

    Copywriting prices in Poland

    Hello everyone! Long story short, I am on my way to learn to copywrite, and I am really, REALLY curious about comparision of two markets of copywriting. Average price in polish copywriting market is like 6 dollars per 1000 characters (2,5 dollars per 1000 characters if you are beginner) How...
  3. Tomekmeister

    Will it be enough value for customers?

    Hey! It's been quite a while since I've visited the forum, but I hope you guys are still as helpful as you were back then :) Recently I've been working on creating a Polish-based platform for freelancers due to terrible state of the local freelancing market. Let me give you a quick summary...
  4. ElPatrico

    INTRO ElPatrico: Newborn

    Hello everyone! It is a a pleasure for me to be on this forum among this awesome people. I wanna share with you story about me. So... LET'S BEGIN I'm from Poland. When I was 14 years old I was going through period when I think money are unimportant. You know, peace&love kind of this...
  5. saymonx

    INTRO From Poland, helping others and worried about my own life

    Hi Everyone, My name is Szymon (it's easier to call me Simon) and I live in Poland. I will be 21 next month. My life is kinda weird, since I've been stuck with bad attitudes for quite a while. It got twisted a year ago, and now I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. I'll try to say...
  6. SindbadtheSailor

    INTRO Polish 17 years old teenager joining the highway

    Hello Fastlaners, I am Adam Fortuna, a 17 years old teenager from city Łódź, in Poland. A year ago I spent 7 hours daily in school, 8 hours playing League of Legends and the rest fapping/sleeping in front of a computer. At that time I had a hard time: my mom was sick, parents got divorced and...
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