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  1. reality250

    Where can I sell french vintage paintings?

    Hi folks, Right now I am on eBay, and some other platforms and sell paintings all used and vintage. Most of the works I acquire offline and online: Security Measure I do not have my own website. The GREATEST hurdle in this is "Traffic". The overall advantage with eBay,,, intondo, etc is you...
  2. W

    Mastermind groups platform idea

    Hi, recently in the shower - the place where the best ideas come, I got the idea of creating a platform for mastermind groups. The biggest issue with this type of group is finding the right people with a similar level of business acumen and moderating such a group. Many people offer to...
  3. M

    Platform business model: Percentage or Pay per Lead?

    Hi so I am building a service based platform business similar to Uber Eats, Lyft, Upwork etc. From what i've seen there are 2 main models 1. Percentage e.g. Upwork charges a small percentage 5-10% of clients booked. This can mean that profit varies, it can be a large profit if it is a large...
  4. NotLikeYou

    Creating an amazing platform! But how?

    Hey I hope you`re doing well, This is my first Post here so if theres a mistake in it feel free to correct me. I read Millionaire Fastlane and Unscipted. I took a long time of brainstorming and searching for ideas daily. I was really surprised that I got a lot of ideas. After I had enough I...
  5. George Filip

    Feedback for my Learning/Freelance Platform

    Hi Fastlaners, so I am working on an idea that is going to be a peer to peer learning platform, that people who are good/expert at something can help and show other people how to do it. The concept is that the Mentor/Expert, possibly by video call or Team Viewer in real time through the app...
  6. exon

    Project "Build & Exit"

    Three months ago I started to think about the new project that I could later sell (Exit) if successfully executed, and I came up with a niche online marketplace. So, before I start with the execution part here is the master-plan: 1. Build a platform with the targeted audience - platform is...
  7. Tomekmeister

    Will it be enough value for customers?

    Hey! It's been quite a while since I've visited the forum, but I hope you guys are still as helpful as you were back then :) Recently I've been working on creating a Polish-based platform for freelancers due to terrible state of the local freelancing market. Let me give you a quick summary...
  8. D

    Making money/more traffic with your content on

    Hey Guys, i hust wanted to point out on this website its the community behind Steem Dollars (crypto) people sharing content there and if they upvote your content you earn Steem Dollars. I see people earning 500$ a day but they have a lot a followers i guess. I bet a lot of...
  9. Waspy

    I Don't Know What I'm Doing. But I'm Doing.

    Hi Guys, Been offline for a couple months as I was simply finding this place too distracting. This is an incredible resource and one of the best corners of the internet. But it can pull you in, and I needed to get shit done, hence my few months away. In those couple of months things have moved...