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physical products

  1. Lex DeVille

    Lex's Digital/Physical Product Group Accountability Thread

    See this thread for more information on the what/how part of what we're creating in this thread. Accountability I decided to hold myself accountable for one year on my latest idea. I'm doing it in this thread in case you'd like to join in for group accountability. Goals: 1. To create and...
  2. Aidan04

    Rate This Idea: The "Thing Library"

    I have a million ideas a day, my brain is consistently churning out things that could potentially be useful to others based on problems I face. I would like to share this one in particular with you all. Imagine you're going to go camping for the first time. Are you going to buy a tent on your...
  3. RisingStars

    Does a physical products business has to have a specific target audience?

    Since my last thread, my fear that not beeing part of my target audience would be bad in some way got crushed. Special thanks to @MTF and @Andy Black As said in my other thread I have currently two physical products which solve a need for people with fish tanks but also fall into a certain...
  4. RisingStars

    I feel bad not being part of my potential target audience

    Fastlaners, I've finished reading Unscripted a couple weeks ago and one key mindset is that giving real value is more important than "doing what you love". There was one example in the book of a friend of MJ who owns a dog product company although he never owned a dog. He gives value by...