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  1. SyedMSawaid

    Do you guys feel envious of those who come from same background as you and are more successful than you?

    Note: This is my first post so be kind in the comments! I kind of feel envious when a person of the same background as me gets more successful (according to my definition of success). Lately, podcasts are booming in Pakistan, and people from all walks of life share their stories. Some of the...
  2. NeoDialectic

    Stop Trying To Make A Squirrel Fly!

    This thread will have two parts. Part one is advice to aspiring entrepreneurs while part two is a request from those that have a good amount of business experience. Part 1 I wholeheartedly agree with the Fastlane notion that your business should not have to be based on your passions. HOWEVER I...
  3. D

    Personality Isn't Permament, Bejamanin Hardy (Transcend yourself...)

    Link to the Book: Hello, It's me, mon_fi. I promised I'd make a threat summarizing the book "Personality isn't permanent" by Dr. Benjamin Hardy. This book may be one of the best self-development books I have ever read and I am...
  4. A

    Just Out of Curiosity

    TFL is intriguing read. I also just downloaded part of Unscripted which I'll read tonight. Now I'm just wonderin, aside from process and following MJs guidelines what do you all think are the psychological or character traits that make a person a success on the Fadtlane? Thanks again.
  5. J

    90 Days To Get Passive Income, Hot Girls, And a Loyal Powerful Team

    Everything they tell about the way how to achieve this easily and with tricks... ...seems to be a lie. I guess everyone read a headline like this before. These Headlines are common for the most gurus products. And the biggest markets are: Money Fitness and Body Dating Personality...
  6. Eisenstein

    Edutainment Success Analyzing

    Hey Fastlaners! Hopefully this is the right place for this thread. If not, please move :( So, of course i was playing with some ideas and i got stuck to some of the area "edutainment". In the Fastlane book DeMarco had a inspirational listing of themes, that might change peoples lives and are...