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online course

  1. L

    22-year-old on the path of Financial Freedom

    Hey :) I got inspired by Fastlane to follow the way I always wanted to follow, to stand out and here I am. Started my business degree because of family pressure and never got the sense of pushing words in my head only for the exam. It felt too easy. I missed pursuing my freedom. So now I am...
  2. Roz

    Programs and Courses That Added Value To Your Life and Business

    The best time to read a non-fiction book or take a course is when you're trying to solve a specific problem in your life or business. Using this approach (thanks MJ), you get high ROI from the learning materials. With that being said, what are the programs, courses/online workshops you took...
  3. DMass

    Udemy Pricing - Free, $19.99, or $199?

    Hey Everyone, I've been looking through the forum for the last couple of hours trying to get a feel for what people believe the best pricing strategy to be for selling on Udemy, before I dive into my thoughts I just want to preface this with a couple of assumptions/long term goals. I...
  4. H

    Any online SEO Course recommended?

    I took a look on Udemy. I am looking for a seo teacher or a online SEO Course. Which one you guys recommend and why? Willing to pay between 10-300 usd
  5. MAG

    An online course platform with a flexible dripping contents feature?

    Several online course platforms offer the feature whereby contents can be dripped on a schedule based on the number of days since the enrollment date of the student. Is anyone aware of a platform, in which this feature is flexible enough to allow: 1. Excluding certain days of the week and dates...
  6. B

    Any books or similar education materials forselling an online course?

    Hi y’all I’m looking for inexpensive resources for selling an online course successfully that also don’t require going down an internet black hole (hence books) or spend a on of money (online courses). My struggle is there is a lot of garbage to sift through, so hoping someone here has had some...
  7. B

    Looking for a course on how to market/sell an online this the right thread?

    Hi y'all, I currently teach a full schedule one-on-one clients as well as a group class for singing, and I'm looking for affordable courses on how to sell and market and online course. I already built a course, no one bought it. So now I have to figure out how to pre-sell a course (to make...
  8. B

    Hello, vocal coach here working on courses. Would love input!

    Hi y'all, If you have any programs/books/etc you can recommend on selling online courses (especially how to validate your course idea and get some pre-sales) I'm all ears! There seems to be a lot of B.S. on that all over the internet though. I'm Chris, I teach voice lessons & piano lessons...
  9. Adelaide

    Advice Wanted - Releasing my Online Course

    Hey Fastlaners, I'm after some advice on how to launch my online course. So far my business has held events - this the first course. Should I release the online course myself now? or Wait to 'launch it' via a marketing company in 3 months? Marketing company will take a couple months because...

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