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  1. Dragan9

    INTRO+ 19 yo Dancing with fear, Call to action, Leaving Home.

    I am a 19 Year old Bosnian. I always hated the 9-5 scam. I hated the idea of selling my soul to a job that i hate. I saw life has more to offer, so when people asked me what do I want to work when i Grow up, I had no plan. I would usually give them a short answer,Doctor,Lawyer bla bla...That was...
  2. Max Crowe

    INTRO $10,000,000 and counting (Hello)

    Well Hi there! Did I do good enough job grabbing your attention with that number in the title? I hope so! Unfortunately It was the only purpose of that number. So feel free to hate and critique me now, but since you're already here , hey why not read my story?:smuggy: My name is Max...
  3. D

    INTRO New to the forum

    Hi all, this is the first forum I've ever been a part of so bear with the post.. I've read a lot of different books in the past looking for the advice and insight that I have found in The Millionaire Fastlane, awesome book and love the no BS approach, thanks MJ. I am from the UK and currently...
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