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new start

  1. V

    INTRO New to fastlane

    hi everyone, my name is Nate I just started on this journey towards, the fast lane. This is my second time reading millionaire fast lane. It set off some strong alarms to some of my choices in life.I recently went into wholesaling real estate in New York City it been about 4 months right...
  2. AdamUK

    INTRO Intro: Adam, 38, Wales

    Hey all thought I better formally introduce myself, Since this forum looks like a good home for Someone like me. I've had mild success with an Amazon affiliate website in. 2011 Then trained at uni and work as a nurse since. I got back into the online game last year, completed a Shopify...
  3. Litza

    EXECUTION (progress) Actions taken towards my re-designed future

    So I wanted something new. And after looking around for a couple of years, I finally found something that seemed interesting and fresh enough for me to do. Something I felt passionate about! I want to create a brand that will sell life-style furniture for cats and dogs. To be more specific, beds...
  4. Litza

    INTRO Introducing myself

    First and most important, I´m looking for my own peace of mind. Even though that´s not very easy, especially in a person with so many thoughts at the same time. I´m also (still) trying to find what I´m passionate about (for a long period of time, as it seems my passions change after 4-5 years -...
  5. Paul David

    Time for most important business decision of my life.

    Hi I won't start a long story as to why i'm in this situation (part of it is documented in some of my other threads) so I'm going to cut to the chase regarding a decision i need to make this week. My business model is the sale of physical products online via Ebay, Amazon etc. For last 13 years...
  6. mo3

    EXECUTION September 2017 | Onwards & Upwards

    I finished TMF yesterday. Today I attended my uncle's funeral with the few remaining members of my utterly dysfunctional ancestral family and I am totally, emotionally wiped out. Reading TMF has opened up a cobweb-covered box of dreams I shelved a long time ago. I am going to re-read TMF...
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