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new beginning

  1. J

    Introduction: Juan Galvez

    Greetings to all who stumble upon this thread. It’s an absolute pleasure to be here. My name is Juan Galvez and I am an ambitious 20 year old. I was born in Cuba and had the privilege of being brought to the United States at 5 years old. Despite that life wasn’t easy just because we made it to...
  2. J

    New guy looking for Mentors

    I am new here and am from Kenya looking to find guidance and mentors. I really want to start a online business next year, right now am just accumulating the tools that I need including the funds. I am certain that next year my business will be online.
  3. Przemy3law

    21 yo from small village situated in Poland

    First things first my name is Przemysław. Village which I mention in title has 20-50 peoples. I was in shitty school in another village which has around 500 people's. Then I got to high school with around 30000 people's. Now i'm in Warsaw finishing second year of Computer Science in not worst...
  4. Paweljestsuper

    Quit my last ever job 2 months ago.

    Hi Guys, I have gone through TMF in audio format in 3 days and immediately dived into Unscripted. 2 months ago I quit my job an am working on launching my business. As a result of the audiobook I am now shifting form a time for money model to one that is removed from my time and scalable. Book...
  5. Tim K.

    print("Hello World")

    Hello friends from the FASTLANE! Before I dive into who I am, I'd like to start with some well deserved gratitude. Thankyou to every single person who interacts with this forum, I really thought that I was alone with the UNSCRIPTED mindset. Some posts on here really helped me grow personally...
  6. pawanthapa

    Hello i'm new in the forum

    Hello guys im new in the forum sorry im not used to it yet im only 16 i am glad i found this book early this has opened a closed ,blocked road for me who never passed in any grade i also dropped out and it emitted a very strong light in the dark abyss of confusion in my life i have a huge amount...
  7. N

    Just finished Millionaire Fastlane - ready to apply the gems in the book

    Hi all, this is my first post (intro). I just finished the Millionaire Fastlane, and found it a game changer for me. A bit about me: I am a naturalized US citizen in my 60s; In a couple of years I will be ready to retire from my SlowLane job of almost 30 years, but ready to become a billionaire...

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