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need help

  1. C

    I need help on coding things

    Hi there ! Like it's said into the title, I need some help over coding a website, more precisely to host my website. Indeed I don't know how to post it on our beautiful Internet, I heard about Firebase, the solution given by Google, but I don't know if it's the best way for a little website...
  2. N

    23 years old, 50k in savings, should I quit my job?

    Two weeks ago I did, what I wanted to do for quite some time. I quit my job. Yes that‘s right. I called my boss and told him I wanted to quit and 2 days later, I turned in my notice. It felt like such a relief at first. I did not want to waste any more time with this work so I felt very good...
  3. N

    Hello, I am new here. My name is Nadia Zimmer and I am from Vancouver Canada.

    Hi everybody, I am new here and would like to give you all a formal introduction. My name is Nadia Zimmer and I am a happily married mother of 4 from Vancouver British Columbia Canada. My husband and have listened to MJ DeMarco's audio books numerous times in the car on the way to work. Changed...
  4. D

    Google Play billing?

    Do you know how Google Play Payment works? I have some questions, I've read the monetizing page, but I didn't get some stuff... (Monetization and Ads - Developer Policy Center) Developers offering products within another category of app downloaded on Google Play must use Google Play In-app...
  5. Dylan_91

    I Want to Help You, Yes You.

    Hello, I just want to help you. What's the catch? None. I want to help you with any questions, concerns, assistance you may need that I can actually assist with. Don't need help? No Problem. Like this post and I like you, but I probably like you already anyway because we have something in...