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need advice

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  1. Kwara miguel

    INTRO Don't really know the title to give to this one

    Hi guys please your advice will really help want to start a app which provides repair service is I think will help because I would be the first In my city.i want to create the app my self by learning through. But my main problem is how to get the app know at a low cost ,I already know some...
  2. M

    INTRO I'm a new 17 year old entrepreneur who needs advice

    Hello I'm a young entrepreneur at the age of 17 and was wondering how to get started. If I can intern for anyone who thinks there a good business man/woman. I will be there to learn and work hard. And I could use some advice if your willing thank you!
  3. Jemmalee

    Expanding and separating my business??

    Hey everyone Thanks for all your help recently. I wish to put an idea out there as I working out if there anything I can do to expand or separate my current business or just let it run its course completely. I own a local events company. We provide audio and lighting solutions and also our...
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