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need advice

  1. D

    I need help with deciding what job I should choose while I'm in the process of creating my program

    Hello everyone. I have an idea of creating a website and an app which will give great service to the society. To accomplish my goals I need to work on my programming skills and to learn the concepts of it. Currently I'm working as an electrician in a rotations work which is 14 days of work and...
  2. C

    I had an idea, I took the plunge, now I need your opinion.

    Hello, First of all I wanted to introduce my self : at the time i wrote this i'm a 17yo teenager, i wan't to underline that i'm french so you might found some faults in my text. The aim of my site is to help all athletes create their own workouts. To do this, the site asks users to take a test...
  3. Z

    Struggling to start

    Hi All, Thanks for letting me join, I really appreciate it. I stumbled on this group while trying to find ways to invest and grow (I do not have any or any experience), and what I read in the first hour ways great. It made me feel like this is a welcoming group that enjoy helping each other...
  4. Ismail941

    Comedy Scene ->converts into-> Business Context Scenario

    Okay, It was Saturday Night. I was watching some comedy videos on youtube. I came across this comedy/parody video. I have watched this video many times and clicked on me because of Fast Lane Forum and Books. I hope Demarco allows me to post this. I am not trolling I promise. Video LINK...
  5. M

    I'm a new 17 year old entrepreneur who needs advice

    Hello I'm a young entrepreneur at the age of 17 and was wondering how to get started. If I can intern for anyone who thinks there a good business man/woman. I will be there to learn and work hard. And I could use some advice if your willing thank you!
  6. Jemmalee

    Expanding and separating my business??

    Hey everyone Thanks for all your help recently. I wish to put an idea out there as I working out if there anything I can do to expand or separate my current business or just let it run its course completely. I own a local events company. We provide audio and lighting solutions and also our...