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music industry

  1. LivingToLearn32

    Patience or the NOW?

    So currently I'm still working on solutions to my buisness I'm going to create BUT, I'm curious towards others feedback so I at least know I'm on the right track. Currently I work a 8am-5pm job but the time consumed for the job from waking up to going home is 7am-6pm M-F. Besides weekends ,I...
  2. Kailas Joshi

    *genuine call for productive discussion* (Music/Audio)

    Hello people! As I've mentioned earlier I have a printing and packaging solutions company and I'll post regarding that later. This is a very juvenile question that I have - Is it really possible to be a 'real' musician? Like the guy who makes music (on his own terms) and gets paid for it...
  3. Isaac Oh

    Let's talk, Music Industry!

    After some searching, there doesn't seem to be much discussion about the music industry that goes into depth; they tend to fade out. However, there's too much intelligence and wisdom on this forum to not take advantage of. So, let's start this thread as a sort-of mega-thread where we can...

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