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  1. VicFountain

    Movies about money?

    First off, hope I chose the right category. I was wondering of the role imaginations plays in an entrepreneur mind. If we don't see the benefits of getting rich, we wouldn't move a finger. This is simple human nature. What's hard and unknown, is not worth pursuing. I realized movies amplify...

    OFF-TOPIC Which Movies/Series/TV Shows Are You Watching?

    What was the last movie you watched recently, please share the title, genre and story(no spoilers , what did you think about it, and would you recommend to watch it at home or in the movie theater? Please rate it from 1-10 and whether it was worth watching at all.
  3. Danweebly

    OFF-TOPIC WTF! Kingsman Golden Circle Merlin's song Made me cry!

    Just weeping each time i watch that movie scene. That was a selfless service by merlin. One of the best movie scene deaths in my life. I guess some others wept too at that scene. Who else did so?
  4. C

    How can I find investors or sponsors for my VOD mobile app?

    Hello Guys, I'm Cris and i am a developer and i currently building a multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products. Its known as OZLA LTD. I recently developed a VIDEO ON DEMAND (VOD) app known as OZLA TV. WHAT IS OZLA TV? OZLA TV offers free...
  5. J

    How is Johnny Deep worth 200 million? What value does he produce?

    What value does he produce?? Just came across this piece of information.. He doesn't do anything other than act in a few movies right? I guess (successful)movies are super fastlane?
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