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mobile and web app development

  1. sooper_fly

    Any advice on how to get clients as a mobile app developer?

    I'm a freelance mobile app developer and have been one for some time. I just found this forum and really like the mind set a lot of users have, so I figured I might as well ask for some advice. What do you guys think is a good way to get clients as a mobile/web app dev.? So far I've tried...
  2. Nassim

    EXECUTION Learning and Making mobile apps using Flutter.

    After having thought pretty carefully about many different entrepreneurship venues and looking at my current skill set I have decided to throw myself in the app development buisness. I already know how to program in multiple languages. Having that as a skill I thought that it would be nice to...
  3. Breeze_Interface

    What makes people pay for mobile apps or not?

    I want to make mobile apps. I have the technical skills and alot of ideas for apps that would be useful to people. However, I'm having trouble in the monetization step because I'm having a hard time differentiating between useful products that people would pay for VS useful products that people...
  4. Advanz101

    INTRO advanz101

    ADVANZ101 Business Systems Inc. is a top-tier technology solution and consulting partner for businesses seeking CRM Development services, Big Data Analytics Services and Onsite Consulting & Staff augmentation services, CPQ and CLM services, and Mobile and Web App Development. We serve...
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