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  1. V

    Is this guy a slowlaner or a fastlaner?

    Hi everybody! I’m a new member here and I wanted to have your advise about this “influencer”. There is a guy in my country who has a very followed instagram account. His main topic is about finance, money and jobs, but he focuses so much on frugality and minimalism. In particular all he says is...
  2. BlackLynx

    How do you Automate, Minimize and Simplify Your Life and Your Business?

    Hello all, I am starting this thread as future inspiration for us all. A few years ago I had an actual 'burn-out' event. I had taken on too many projects, was trying to do too much and I crashed and burned. Since then I am on a quest to simplify and 'minimize' my life. It started in my home...
  3. Fox

    Is minimalism worth it? A journey to owning 100 items or less

    Since times are crazy enough I have decided to try something equally as crazy - owning 100 items or less. Why? - The idea of being able to pack everything in two suitcases and head wherever you want - Being more mindful and avoiding lifestyle creep - Owning what really matters rather than...
  4. PizzaOnTheRoof

    Thoughts On "Minimalism" And How It Affects Your Fastlane?

    I don't think I want a big company with many employees, a big house with supercars and hot babes......I just want peace of mind. To me, having lot's of money is less about buying cool shit, and more about experiencing cool shit, and living stress free. What are your thoughts on how a...