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mindset training

  1. SpinnerRedPenny

    Thoughts about the Middle Lane

    There is a niche class of folks who don't quite fit the description of "Slow-lane" drivers but who have not really entered the #Fastlane. I'll call these folks the "Middle lane drivers" (MLD). Ironically you're most likely to encounter them driving to or from work in the middle lane of your...
  2. A

    How to break doubts, fear and inaction?

    I recently reread Unscripted. Out of all the valuable informations provided one of them -desert of dissertation-has occupied my mind. This is because I have been facing this problem for sometime. To state more clearly, whenever I try out something new I feel like I should quit. I just cannot be...
  3. Everyman

    I Don't Have a Title For This Thread (Yet)

    I find this forum a special place. I have some kind of emotional attachement to it. So I decided I would share some of my life experience. I have tried before, but in hindsight, I was not developed yet (and I was 31 when I joined the forum, I am 38 now). Maybe this will inspire some of you to...
  4. Laksh Ramesh

    How to move forward in life in terms of mindset ?

    Hi fellow Fastlaners , hope you guys doing everything fine I am 18 years old and my brother is 28 years old who is helping me while I do my school, so we had started a kind of concept of drop shipping which we deliver and also offering social media marketing services to auto repair business...
  5. RayAndré

    Is fight or flight holding you back? Are you feeling survival mode stress?

    I'm pivoting from the previous SaaS I was building to helping people get their bodies out of Fight or Flight, Survival Mode, Sympathetic Dominance, etc, to a place where we can effectively execute on our goals with clarity and confidence. My past 5+ years after joining TFF has been quite the...
  6. JDE

    Can You Train Your Mind to be a Relentless Optimist? (Desert of Desertion)

    I am currently in a phase of my business right now that MJ called the 'desert of desertion'. I'm putting in the work, I'm putting in the money, but there's little positive feedback yet as my business has not been fully launched. Anyways I've recently found myself looping on 'what if's' like...