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millionair fastlane

  1. elgbzin321

    about me

    hello everyone, I'm a South American teenager looking to become a millionaire, I'm learning English, design and copyright, thanks to the book #the millionaire flastane I freed myself from the scarcity mentality and I have the ambition to achieve my success
  2. A

    Read the Millionaire Fastlane book - Absolutely loved it!

    Hi Everyone. I am Ann from New Zealand. I have just read the Millionaire Fastlane and absolutely loved it! Now I am reading the Unscripted book. In all honesty, when I saw the cover of the actually really put me off as I thought 'Man, I don't want to read another 'scammy' book but...
  3. El1mination

    I am struggling to find a path in business I don't know where to start

    Hello, after reading the Millionaires Fastlane I was very motivated to start my own business. I came up with a plan to create an AI tool and either distribute it under a license or create a short course detailing how I made it. The problem is that I have no knowledge on how to create AI and I...
  4. S

    from action faking to action making

    Hello Everyone, My name is Samuel. I am an aspiring entrepreneur from Slovakia, living in Germany now. I admit that until now I was only pretending an action and made almost no progress last 3 years since I dived into self-improvement. I read dozens of books watched tons of videos and mentally...
  5. Fastlane_boy

    Calculated My Escape Number, It's Freaking $$

    before reading the millionaire Fastlane & The Great rat race escape, I had an my financial freedom number in my mind and it was $7 M, but came up with it just by doing mind calculation ( Not on the paper) But, Now as I Calculated it by MJ method On Paper according to my 10 Year Planasy, The...
  6. S. Arno

    Planning to escape the rat race, as a college student (help?)

    Hello Dear People, I know everyone here are aspiring entrepreneurs and trying their best to escape the rat race. And I recognize that time is the most precious resource. Therefore if you don't have some spare time, please just read the main question and help me out: Main question: I am a...
  7. J


    Hi to everybody, I will introduce myself very quickly as we are all busy, I read Millionaire Fast Lane 3-4 years ago and it blew my mind, since then I have started a few business ideas but haven't succeeded. I have decided to start again with what I learned from my mistakes, they are painful...
  8. Aryan2193


    I am a 20-year-old, aspiring entrepreneur in India. Having read Millionaire Fastlane and UnScripted, which are undoubtedly, the best books on entrepreneurship and providing value (Thank you MJ Demarco), I am now starting a journey to become an UNSCRIPTED entrepreneur. I know the journey will...
  9. business_man

    How did I completed 2 days work plan the same day before noon with just a few simple principles?

    I want to share with you my "TO DO strategy" which increased my productivity x10. When I started to use it and adjusted it to my needs I was amazed. Somedays before noon I completed all my tasks which I could not complete in a day. Can you imagine my shock when at 12 pm I was sitting in front...
  10. NicholasCato

    The cost of your dreams Chapter 37 of Millionaire Fastlane

    So I’m currently on chapter 37 of MF, and after spending a couple hours working on it, I’ve mapped out my roads destination. I thought I would share it here to keep myself accountable and make it real to me instead of having it in a google doc that only I have access to. The lifestyle: A...
  11. TheShaikhAble

    Future Millionaire Has Joined the Server

    Wow! What an eye opening experience this book was: The Millionaire Fastlane. Thank you for writing this. I feel so much prepared for life. I recently just quit my job (3 months ago) to go all in on the business that I had been working on for the last 2 years. The last 3 months I've accomplished...