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  1. Katherine

    Why is mentor important in our journey?

    Just sharing: Over the long weekend, my family and I went prawning and my son got bored and wanted to catch the yabby. After struggling to catch one for 40 minutes, a kind stranger in his late 50s came over and showed my son how to catch them without bait! He took the time to coach my son and...
  2. alord

    [Process] Bootstrapping A Marketplace Of Business Experts/Mentors

    {I'm moving this from the Insiders because I think it's more valuable for all the members to share my learnings on the public board} I don't want to make it too much about me, here's my premise which you can skip if not interested. THE IDEA When at 14 I was lost, didn't know what to do next. I...
  3. NicolasEmi

    Mentorship program

    Hi guys! How are you? It's been a while since I don´t post anything, but this is because I'm hustling with the creation of my product. I created this post because I want to get an opinion from you guys about a business mentoring program I looked in the Internet. (the link is this...
  4. MNejc

    Who to listen to? How to find Mentor?

    Good day, guys, My name is Nejc, I'm 20 years old and I'm coming from Slovenia (a small country with 2mil people in Europe). Currently and since November 2018, I'm working as an electrician for Slovenian company in Germany, as the job is based on fieldwork. As an introvert, I'm surrounded by...
  5. D

    A newbie who is doing it all wrong.

    Hello everyone! My name is Denise and I am new here. I stumbled across this website looking for a little bit of information about Chris "Mr moneyfingers" Haddad. lol Yh, that's his name. Most of you probably know him. I have been quite involved in marketing for 8 months now and I have learnt...
  6. M

    Newbie -Entrepreneur

    Hi All, I do just about whatever opportunity comes my way. I am all over the place so will try to summarize what I am about. I like to help other entrepreneurs. That could be with consulting to run your business from an international standpoint no matter where you are, to help with accepting...
  7. MJ DeMarco

    No one will mentor me! Wait, no, that's too hard!

    On @Vick's legendary GOLD thread on the INSIDE, he was quoted as saying this: (He's taking a class on screenwriting, which interests me) I never heard of so I took a peek. Let me just say, DAMN. Can you say freaking VALUE? I was so impressed by it that I created this...
  8. Olimac21

    Authors that inspired you or Fast Lane authors

    Hey I was wondering in terms of books, movies or articles which authors have inspired you for your entrepreneurial path or at least to think: I should do things better or differently than others. In my case a really good one is Robert Greene from "The 48 Laws of Power"-"Mastery", I also like...

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