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#marketing help

  1. M

    Help with my just-finished book

    Hello everyone. As the title says, I've finished my book recently and I'd like some advice. First, anything I need to know about copyright and publishing? I've put some AI generated images in it to make it less "boring", and I'm unsure if I did the right move. On the Internet they say that...
  2. G

    How to find potential power users for a gifting platform?

    Hi everyone! I'm Georgia, and my team and I are working on an innovative startup called Our goal is to make the process of sending gifts more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. However, we're currently facing the challenge of identifying our product-market fit. To give you a...
  3. jb5150


    pls delete
  4. J

    I don't want to fail due to poor execution!

    3 months from the launch of our new online service for Registered Accommodation Providers, I have to admit the grind is starting to set in. I know that there is no short cut here, but I have taken a day out today to reset my clock. We have had some great start out wins, and the concept has...
  5. mwimmersive

    Promoting An Experiential Marketing Service Online

    I run a company that creates immersive tech installations for events and showcases. Sometimes we get really exciting projects (working with brands like Adidas and Nike to showcase new footwear), but our new business has been ever declining recently. Over the past few months, we've been using...
  6. jb5150

    Need advice in exhausting online advertising for psychotherapy practice

    Such a saturated niche where I live. I chose a niche; relationships w a specific focus on codependency and attachment-related issues. In short, I'm the guy who helps you get unstuck in your relationships. I'd created my own website ( - please feel free to...

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