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marketing automation

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  1. G

    MARKETING Selling list, can someone help?

    Hey folk, Does someone know whee to sell list? We have list of pet Owners. This is customer list we are building through our shop and ppc ads. The list is 98% female between 25-55 old and they are all from US. Few are from CA. We have emails, names, addresses and even telephone numbers. I...
  2. CharlyRabbit

    EXECUTION I'm building a tool to make brands viral without paying ads

    Hello I’m Charly The Rabbit and this is my journey as an Indie Maker. Indie Maker: Person building a software idea that can generate revenue. The Project (Work in progress) Viral Quotes ( will allows small business owners to viralize their brands without paying ads What...
  3. TreyAllDay

    My Sick and Depressed September - The Business System Paid Off

    Thought I'd share my September for those who are interested, and how my money system has paid off. The Sickness.. For almost a year, I have been feeling a bit off in my lower abdomen but not enough to see a doctor or quit working. However, my fiance and I returned from a wedding this month on...
  4. Andy Black

    MARKETING AndyTalks with @JustKris about Webinars & Marketing Automation

    AndyTalks with @JustKris about Webinars & Marketing Automation @JustKris reached out asking if I was still thinking of doing a webinar. It's getting nearer the time that I do some online workshop or webinar, so we hopped on a call. Wow... but he knows his stuff. > Click here to access the...
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