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  1. szalek

    Is a Hustlers University scam?

    Hustlers University is an Andrew Tate programme that costs around $50 per month. In HU every student can learn about e-commerce, copywriting, stocks, freelancing, crypto, AI and many more. I wonder if this is a good source of biezes knowledge. Do you think about it? Have any of you...
  2. OutofPoverty

    How Oreo became one of the best knock-off Brand

    Believe it or not, Oreo is a knockoff brand and a cookie called Hydrox was the original cookie sandwich. Jacob and Joseph Loose were brothers that owned the largest bakery in America. After a fight, Jacob (the younger brother) left the company and Joseph (older brother) merged with their...
  3. M

    FUNNELS, CLICKFUNNELS, Websites, Email Marketing, Softwares, Content and Paid Ads

    Guys i wanted to talk about funnels. I'm sure a lot of you have already heard about them, if you haven't search it up, it's a powerful way to increase profit per customer and basically create a vortex that sucks customers in. But i wanted to know more about -how they're actually made -what...
  4. TheGreatAli

    The rise of SMMA's

    What are your thoughts on social media marketing agencies? Is it oversaturated? Is it worth pursuing? Why are all the Gurus selling their SMMA if it's such a great business model?
  5. SamuelTF

    Real Estate Agent - Not a Fastlane Gig?

    I wanted to open up discussion for the idea that being a Real Estate agent, as a 1099 employee does not fully fit into the Fastlane dogma. It is much like being a sales representative at a company, with a bit more freedom. Owning a successful brokerage might fit into the Fastlane dogma, as you...

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