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  1. dhiraj324

    Manufacturer environment

    The best strategy is to go from consumers to manufacturers' group. But when I search the internet and shops to find out some things related to my business, I am always seen as a consumer, especially collecting data is a more complicated task for me. I am not able to make my environment...
  2. RayanMargham

    How do I source a manufacturer

    Hey Everyone, so I decided I'd want to execute @Madame Peccato 's Idea on a sound isolating jar to "let it all out". I decided that the best material for this was acoustic foam, does anyone know a manufacturer that can manufacture such product on demand? Sorry If I'm really ignorant here, I'm...
  3. pgtownsyou

    Mexican Manufacturers

    Hello All! So I'm tossing around the idea of starting up a new brand. It is going to have a summer/beach/tropical theme to it. Anyways, I'm thinking that it would help to have products manufactured in Mexico for a few different reasons. I have only used Chinese manu's before. Does anyone have...
  4. Overdrive

    Doing business with Chinese vendors? Seeking your feedback!

    Hi Fastlaners! I originally posted this in another thread, but it was considered off-topic (newbie mistake). So here's my own thread: I'm looking for potential pain points and unmet needs, especially of people who purchase from Chinese vendors or otherwise have business dealings with Chinese...
  5. M

    Help! I'd like to start a streetwear brand.

    Hello everyone! Hopefully my title got your attention. I'm starting a designer streetwear clothing brand. I planning to launch Season 1 in March of 2018. However, there are two very important things I need. I am in need of an online/downloadable design software to be able to have the designer...