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lifestyle business

  1. MTF

    What Do You Optimize For?

    I recently spent some time in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. As the biggest Polish city, it has the most money and the richest inhabitants but also the highest population density and the worst traffic jams. The perspective of making a fortune draws ambitious people in, the big city living...
  2. B

    Creative content/subscription/rental based business ideas?

    I am new here and have ready Fastlane and Unscripted. I just purchased Rat Race and can't wait to read it. I have spent 30 years selling enterprise software and I want out! I have a small window of opportunity/time/money for a couple of months and I am determined to make the most of it. I have...
  3. RazorCut

    Aspiring to become a Digital Nomad?

    I recently watched this film that focused on several digital nomads. View: A lot of it was about the stereotypical nomad working in Asia or Eastern Europe, spending their time doing lower paid gigs to sustain them in their cheap rooms and low cost...
  4. Andrew W

    Growing a Lifestyle Brand

    Hey everyone! This is Andrew and I've recently got back into something I started a while back. When I started it was just an instagram page that posted motivational quotes and other things like that. Since I've began getting more serious about it, I am working on expanding it across different...
  5. Sean Marshall

    CHECKLIST: How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency & Hit $5K in Less than 90 Days

    I've been meaning to write this post for a long time. It's basically the story of how I started a digital marketing agency to be able to do cool stuff. And I would like to give you a nice little checklist that you could use as well if it interests you. I started my business in 2010. Since then...
  6. A

    Selling digital products in the health and fitness niche

    I'm starting this thread to share my journey of building my 2nd business - a vegan health and fitness website in Hungary. It a digital goods based business, so I do not do any physical products. Unlike the first business which was a family business, this one is all solo. It's just me. Quick...