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jordan peterson

  1. E

    Music as Positive Reinforcement - Society Always Wants New Things by Akira The Don

    This isn't a book (obviously) but I thought this would be a good thread to post this in. I have been a fan of Akira The Don for some time now, if you haven't heard of him he makes music that falls under a genre called Meaningwave, which creates music from motivating sound clips. He has done...
  2. alekssiht

    FOR - Young, struggling, lost, in need of some guidance, mindset shift, Harsh truth, getting your act together, Dad you never had.

    Hey hey, This may not be so appealing to older, more experienced people that have life experience. So, Jordan B Peterson(Clinical psychologist), this man has changed my life very deeply. I can't express my appreciation for his work and his passion for helping people around the world(Thanks to...
  3. ChrisV

    Jordan Peterson on The Marshmallow Test

    This was a really famous piece of research in the 1970's and discussed many times on this forum, but I figured I'd post it for those who aren't very familiar with it and I know there are a number of Jordan Peterson fans on here. View: From the...
  4. ChrisV

    Jordan Peterson's Future Authoring program helped me achieve (literally) everything I wanted.

    I've been meaning to post this for like... 3 months now, but havent. I wrote this post like 4 times, but I kept saving it in various text editors and it got lost a bunch of times. So Jordan Peterson has this course called Self-Authoring. NPR: The Writing Assignment That Changes Lives It's...
  5. D

    Goal Setting Template I stole from Jordan Peterson

    Hey everyone, I've found this method of setting goals to be very helpful. It covers how to set and define good goals. But more importantly, it gives a good framework for getting more in touch with your motivation for achieving your goals. This is mostly courtesy of Jordan Peterson's framework...
  6. ChrisV

    Video I made: Jordan Peterson on how to be ultra-successful.

    I originally started making this video to screw around with Final Cut Pro. I posted in my last thread - Practice project trying to learn video editing. My first video. I liked the results how I was trying to learn video editing. So I started this JP as a practice project but as it progressed I...
  7. ChrisV

    Jordan Peterson is creating own online university to destroy college “indoctrination cults”/Marxism

    Anyone who’s spent any amount of time in a college in the past ~15 years knows that Marxism is pretty rampant. Public intellectual Dr. Jordan Peterson aims to change that. View: Peterson believes that his project could save millions from the...
  8. ChrisV

    Jordan Peterson on Entrepreneurship

  9. TreyAllDay

    Any Jordan Peterson fans out there?

    Any Jordan Peterson fans/critics out there, or anyone who has read 12 rules for life? I'm curious what some of the fast-lane opinions are. Got the book because I liked a lot of what I saw from him online, and it was interesting to hear the hype online, endless people talking about how the book...
  10. Envision

    The True Purpose of University Education - Jordan Peterson

    I put this in Slowlane as many people with the university education mindset go down that path despite some of the points being fastlane. I know there are alot of people that are against university education, myself included (as it is generally accepted). But I've been going deep on Jordan...