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jay abraham

  1. T

    Jay Abraham style deal brokering

    Hi everyone, I searched the form for this topic and since nothing came up, I thought I'd started new thread. Jay Abraham is a deal broker. One of the simple strategies he teaches is finding somebody with traffic, somebody with a medium ticket product, and taking a fee for bringing them together...
  2. T

    I will never start a business (from scratch) again

    I’m 24 and have been an entrepreneur most of my life. I’ve started businesses selling everything from digital marketing to fishing lures to books and groceries on Amazon. After being in the digital marketing agency space for several years and brokering deals on the side the last year or so I am...
  3. PizzaOnTheRoof

    What Jay Abraham Concepts Have You Used?

    I’ve been on a Jay Abraham kick lately and am using his concepts of “Other Peoples ___” and “Strategic Alliances” while looking for clients. What strategies of his have you leveraged? One that had me rolling was how he made $4k/week selling 8 tracks in convenience stores using NO MONEY OF HIS...
  4. MTF

    No, Your Market Is Not Saturated (Wisdom From a 19th Century Book)

    The college-student who was about graduating, said to an old lawyer: "I have not yet decided which profession I will follow. Is your profession full?" "The basement is much crowded, but there is plenty of room up-stairs," was the witty and truthful reply. No profession, trade, or calling, is...

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