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  1. A Z

    INTRO I'm AZ - Married With Kids, Looking to Escape The Golden Handcuffs!

    Hello All! I've read unscripted and now I'm going to be rich in 1 year! Just watch! Just kidding. You can unroll your eyes now. Just wanted to enter with a little joke. I wanted to introduce myself and get some advice(is that allowed on the intro threads? if not just direct me to the correct...
  2. jakezombie1

    INTRO introduction

    hello I'm Abdurahman Kareem but I use jakezombie everywhere online because my name is hard to pronounce for most people. I was born in Saudi Arabia but the nationality is Afghanistan. currently in Afghanistan due to recent mass deporting of the foreigner residents in Saudi Arabia. I studied...
  3. B

    INTRO Heading towards mediocrity, destined to change my path.

    Hi, My name is Branko, I am 25. I am currently living in the Netherlands. I moved here with my girlfriend because she is studying for her masters degree. Back where I am from I finished my mechanical engineering degree. Currently I work here in the Netherlands in a small/medium sized company of...
  4. MartinVNicholas

    INTRO First of all, Introduction

    Hello World. I first came across the Millionaire Fastlane on a YouTube video. The video was so thought-provoking and I made a mental note to read the book. But as usual, it took me months to get off my a$$ to actually get the book. To be honest, I'm almost done. The book just confirmed my...
  5. X

    INTRO Bit about myself + Kickstarter launch

    Hi Fastlaners, My name is Phillip and I'm from Sydney, Australia. 24. Read TMF & Unscripted once and re-listened to TMF via Audible. Since my teenage years, I've always aspired to live the extraordinary life as MJ describes it. However as time went on, this dream of mine was slowly dying (got...
  6. KonstantinosFF

    INTRO Hi everybody!!

    Hello members of the !! My name is konstantinos and I am 22 years old! I live in Greece and I work as a pilot. I am also studying business on the side because I like learning new things and I despise staying idle and not doing anything! That means that I am a doer that I...
  7. VincentVega24

    INTRO Introduction to the Forum

    Hey, So, I'm Luis and I'm from Germany. I'm currently 20 years old and about to turn 21 in march 2020. I finished high school this year and started studying real estate management two months ago at a local college. In spite of this, while reading TMF in the middle of this year, I soon...
  8. T

    INTRO Young software dev seeking to escape slow lane dogma

    It has actually been a while since I've created an account here, but I couldn't bring myself to shatter the perception of who I was back then, so I never even wrote an intrudoction. But let's start from the top... I'm a 24 year old software developer living in beautiful Salzburg, Austria and I...
  9. ChiEntrepreneur

    INTRO Chicago Entrepreneur, Just finished TMF, own a small small business

    Hi Everyone, Here to introduce myself. I'm an employee right now with a side business walking tour that has almost broke $1k in revenue. I've started a number of projects and usually don't get more than 2-3 months in with them. I've made $1k with another project and $400 with a different...
  10. Charles Francis


    Hi Guys. My name is Charles. Greetings from South Africa! No. I don't know Trevor Noah personally. No, I don't own a pet lion - not anymore anyways. Had to give him away after he ate all the livestock :rofl: Jokes aside. I am really stoked to join this community!
  11. H

    INTRO Introduction

    Hi i am hitesh, Blogger, researcher Based in Delhi, India 24 years old I have been writing since couple months and found out it is not at all difficult to write unique content. People been asking how to get started with blogging easily. I am the perfect example of that. I leanred it myself and...
  12. DaDream

    INTRO Rey | Miami | Digital Marketing & SEO

    Hello everyone in this community. Currently, I work for one of the largest e-commerce companies in the linens industry. I have been there for 10 months and I'm doing most tasks a Vice President used to do. I do everything from digital marketing, to SEO and some basic programming/photoshop...
  13. Michael Muniak

    INTRO Hi everyone, Michael here!

    Hello everyone, super pleased to be a part of this forum. After reading the Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted I decided to finally hop on this forum to get ideas & advice from other successful entrepreneurs such as yourselves! A little about me: I'm an 18-year-old college dropout who is...
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