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  1. AnNvr

    INTRO hey peeps, new member - thank you to hosting me in the community

    Hi folks. I'm Andrea, Italian born and grown but based in Australia. Currently reading Fastline and I'm here looking for prompts and motivation from entreprenaurs who turned their life by reading DM's books. Not afraid of failing in building my own veichle, but among many ideas I'm still looking...
  2. Phil6798

    INTRO Leverage

    Hello everybody, first of all I want to introduce myself. I’m Phil, 22 years old and I signed up for this forum last week by reading about in the book TMF. I’ve had this book now over 3 years, it was always by my side, a read some few chapters here and there but never got the mindset to...
  3. E

    INTRO Hello, Im Eric

    Hey Everyone, As the title states my name is Eric, nice to make your acquaintance. So, a bit about me is that I’m on the path to try and make a better life. Just before COVID hit my life fell apart. I lost my home, my gf left me for another guy, I had health and financial issues, and the...
  4. J

    INTRO New to the intention of fastlane

    Hi, I'm new to actually progressing from interested to taking action. Taking first steps in educating myself with how finance and taxes work in my country (Australia). Researching need in an industry my partner and I are interested in. I started this journey because I want to have the freedom to...
  5. Olumide

    INTRO Hello, I'm new here

    Hello, I'm Olumide from Nigeria and I currently work as a software developer. I'm looking to build a business that meets a need in my community over here, still gathering my requirements though. A friend of mine recommended Fastlane millionaire (the book) to me and I'm currently reading up. I've...
  6. T

    INTRO 19-year-old Polish student beginning his own journey

    Hi, my name is David and I'm a 19-year student from Polish small town. At the beginning I'd like to excuse my english. Due to the communistic past of my country, its dominating mindset is based on finishing college, then getting a job, sounds familiar? I think so. When I talk about taking over...
  7. G

    INTRO Hi! from a 25-year old motivated entrepreneur!

    Hey everybody, hi @MJ DeMarco :smile2: I am very happy to be here. I am here mostly to get inspired and learn new things from more experienced entrepreneurs. I've been working as a freelance translator (EN <> PL) for over 3 years and I wish I had my own business. It's a difficult way to success...
  8. Timmy C

    INTRO New Fastlaner

    Hi Guys, I have joined about a month ago after reading the millionaire fastlane. What a book! Thanks MJ Demarco!!!!! I just wanted to share a little story. I am currently unemployed quit my job about 2 months ago as i realised i was getting paid f*cking peanuts to work 10 hours a day with no...
  9. nemmip

    INTRO Hello everyone!

    Hi, I'm Julia and in a few days I'll be 18 years old, which in my country, Poland means that I'll be adult by law. I've read The Millionaire Fastlane and came here to learn more about ways of becoming rich. What's my motivation? I'm materialistic person. I just want to have fancy things and in...
  10. TimTheCoder

    INTRO 19 y/o student, programmer and entrepreneur

    Hey everyone! This might be a long post and I apologise. My name's Tim, I'm a programming nerd, and I just finished my first year of university (studying computer science). I have recently finished reading TMF and Unscripted which have really opened my eyes to what's possible in life. I'm super...
  11. Essa

    INTRO Me? Oh...

    My name is Essa. I am from the crowded streets of South Africa (lol we do have TVs).

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