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19-year-old Polish student beginning his own journey


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Oct 12, 2018
Hi, my name is David and I'm a 19-year student from Polish small town. At the beginning I'd like to excuse my english.

Due to the communistic past of my country, its dominating mindset is based on finishing college, then getting a job, sounds familiar? I think so. When I talk about taking over control of my finances by starting up a fastlane business, really few people treat me seriously. They say: "Get a safe job lad", "It's hard to realise you fool!" or sth like that. Fortunately my Dad and college roommate support me.
Actually I'm studying IT on a college in a bigger city. I've never had a job because I've always been saving received gift-money (any European broker recommendations?). Recently (just a week ago) I've finished MJ DeMarco's "Millionaire's Fastlane" book and I'm grateful that someone changed my mind for just few dollars. I can't blame anybody, but I don't know what should I begin with to build financial independence. I'm glad to introduce myself and write about my situation right there.
Cheers :)
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Dec 26, 2014
Chicago, IL
but I don't know what should I begin with to build financial independence

You need skills or capital to build more capital.

Concentrate on expanding your skills (programming languages), and then using that as a basis to create fastlane freedom.

George Appiah

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Aug 16, 2018
Accra, Ghana
Thanks for your introduction, David.

Recently (just a week ago) I've finished MJ DeMarco's "Millionaire's Fastlane" book and I'm grateful that someone changed my mind for just few dollars.

I'll recommend, if you've not started already, to get and read the second book UNSCRIPTED immediately.

While The Millionaire Fastlane provides that "Aha!" moment, UNSCRIPTED builds upon that and lays out a process for building wealth through your Fastlane business -- from idea generation to validation and beyond.

Also, if you can spare a moment, take a look at this video from MJ:

I hope you stick around, learn from the amazing and very experienced entrepreneurs here, and pass the favour forward.

Welcome to the Fastlane community!


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Aug 13, 2017
Welcome, it's always nice to see new post written by a student, especially if the student is Polish. Well, my situation is simmilar to yours, with the differance of 5 years of age. But I think we can agree to one thing, working for someone else in 9 to 5 mode ( or 8 -16 in Poland :p ) isn't meant for us.
Develop your skill during that 3 or 5 years at the University, observe world and people surrounding you, and you will find something for yourself. And be careful, living a student life is nice, just don't get yourself a baby to early, because it will make your life a little bit more complicated.

Greetings from Rzeszów.

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