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  1. do0n

    A business idea for anyone with the skills, resources and 'know how' that may make you millions

    I'm not sure if any of you have already gave this thought and have concluded if this is a good idea or not but here it is anyway: Car insurance for the newbie/young driver in the UK It is crazy expensive here for us young brokies to drive a car here. I'm not sure what its like in the USA or...
  2. G

    Property Insurance - Getting the best deal

    What is the forum's take on property insurance? I couldn't find a thread on this in search by title, and that was very surprising to me. Recently it has been HELL getting both homeowner's and commercial property insurance, especially at half-decent rates. Everyone wants to cover sky-high...
  3. A

    Order of Operations: Insurance, Purchasing, Marketing, and Selling

    Hello everyone, I would like to bring to market a cleaning product. Due to its nature, I would like to purchase product liability insurance for it. I would like to discuss the most reasonable order of operations with regard to purchasing the product, insuring it, marketing it, and selling it...
  4. SanMateo

    What is product liability, and how does it respond to a claim?

    What is product liability insurance, and how does it respond to a claim? I’ve seen several older posts from members asking about product liability for their company and product line, so I’d like to elaborate on this particular line of coverage. If you are a manufacturer, distributor, supplier...
  5. Niptuck MD

    Private health insurance

    Was wondering if anyone knew of any good private medical insurance for entrepreneurs? People that work from home and or work for themselves, any good providers that you could recommend to other fastlaners?
  6. MitchM

    How can I make sure I don't get screwed over when my supplier handles shipping?

    So I am making my first order right now and I am trying to get shipping sorted out for the end of this month. The Shipment: 17kgs/ctn 30pcs/ctn 50ctns in total Size: 28x40x36cm My supplier in Shanghai has quoted me $2600 for air freight to an airport near me. At $3.05 per/kg this seems...
  7. J

    Product Liability Insurance Recommendations?

    I'm not sure if I even need this but sales are getting consistent and I think it's time to cover myself more. I have started reaching out to companies for product liability insurance. I'm wondering if anybody here has any recommendations for a trusted/good provider. My product is making sales...
  8. MJ DeMarco

    Don't forget your small business insurance

    Forum peeps, For all of you engaging in any type of business that has some type or risk, especially personal products and consumables (I'm talking to YOU supplement guys) do NOT go without business insurance. Without it, you are gambling. Over the years there have been dozens of posts here...
  9. brianm4289

    Business entity, insurance, etc.

    ok, i will make this as short as I can and get to the point... a while back I tried to start an e-commerce website selling automotive parts working with dropshippers. It seemed so great at first, selling what I love and never having to stock an inventory because it was being dropshipped. BUT...