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house hacking

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  1. Z

    Would YOU House-Hack this 4-Flat?

    Hey guys, Came across a potential house hack opportunity and wanted to get some feedback. I am determined to live rent free! What are your thoughts? Maybe some input from @JScott and @G_Alexander @Envision would be great: 4 flat - Asking ~363K in Chicago Rents: 3bd ($1200+$120 garage)...
  2. YoungPadawan

    HOT TOPIC Just bought a house for $9,000...

    Yep, just bought a house. Is it a super sexy house that will have hordes of women knocking on my door, oogling at my new abode? Nope, not really. It's an older house and has some work that needs to be done with it. (Drywalling, updating the HVAC system, and tearing out the shagadelic calico...
  3. JustAskBenWhy

    HOT TOPIC House Hacking Book - Launching in a month

    Why not? Moved from Ohio to Arizona about 11 months ago. Bought a house with a very interesting foot-print. Put the attached Casita on AirBnB and VRBO - this thing is paying for our stay big time! Locational Freedom - an ability to say I'm done here, going to go there now - House Hacking pays...

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