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  1. G

    Managing People Well

    It's easy to forget how important people's jobs are to them if you run a business. Your priority must be what is best for the business and what will make it survive. Sometimes firing or demoting people can put them in a dark place. This can go very badly if handled wrong. For those who have...
  2. G

    Partnering with Someone You Barely Know

    Here's a question for you guys. Let's say you have a great idea. You have set up all your IP. You have kicked things off, it's going well, but you are hamstrung for time, and you realize you don't have the ability to be in 10 places at once, nor do you have sufficient technical skill to get...
  3. NeoDialectic

    Plant Money Trees By Making SYSTEMS

    I've seen "making systems" and delegating mentioned throughout the forum a few times now (@Antifragile , @Kak , @mikecarlooch , @BizyDad, @MTF , and more) but I haven't stumbled on any recent easy approachable guides to it. It seems like some people are really hesitant because it looks harder...
  4. A

    After success - Need people

    All, I am finally getting results and success in IT staffing along with my own IT Consulting(I am an IT person). So far I have not hired anyone full-time and got lucky in finding good freelancers (after a struggle /trials/after a lot of time) as Recruiters. There are lots of other tasks like...
  5. biggeemac

    This labor shortage is sooooo draining

    That about sums it up. Its mentally exhausting trying to keep a business afloat with staff shortages.....not to mention the fact that some of the staff we have is of low quality. At this point, just having bodies is necessary for us. But finding a GOOD employee now is a little like finding a...
  6. Tom H.

    How to write a job ad

    I’m chatting with a friend right now who is trying to hire a junior developer. He sent me the Upwork post he is using and it’s terrible. I won’t post his ad copy here, but you can just browse Upwork and find plenty of ads that follow the same lines: If I’m a programmer browsing job ads, I...
  7. Kyujin

    Help Moving Forward Hiring App/Saas Developers?

    SAAS / APPS 
    TLDR: I could use some advice about how to proceed with hiring out developers to build Software for my SAAS business. Hello there! I have been working on building out some software to help solve a key problem for real estate agents, and have reached a bit of a roadblock. I have 0 experience...
  8. BizyDad

    A current labor market and creative hiring discussion

    Hey Fastlane Fam, As you may already know I run a search engine marketing agency based in Arizona. Currently at least 30% of my clients currently list finding good workers as their #1 stumbling block. 10% of my clients have stopped running ads in the last 2 months because they can't handle the...
  9. D

    Recruiting online sales team for a masks dropship business

    I started this post Hello how can I do it online? I wanna pay them by commission and what sites are recommended for recruitment? Its fast? How to do de paperwork for the hiring, I need some tips
  10. yungmaghlas

    The Level of Skill You should have to Confirm Your Employees are Competent

    This came to mind as I hired someone from Upwork to design my logo. It was a task that I believe that should have taken 1-2 hours. It required combining 3 reference images into a rather simplistic logo. However my artist took 4 hours and even forgot some features he took. The fact that he didn't...
  11. E

    What questions are they likely to ask me before I hire them?

    Hello everyone, I currently have 2 potential employees who can acquire clients for my agency. I am yet to interview them tomorrow. What questions are they likely to ask me before I hire them? Thank you in advance! :)
  12. E

    Personality Test to qualify employees and reduce turnover?

    hey fastlaners, Since first reading the book years ago I've gone through many iterations of businesses and have now built my first business that will cross 7 figures in revenue this year! I started a residential cleaning business and although we had super low employee turnover the first 2...
  13. Envision

    5 Step Guide To Hiring a Rockstar VA To Handle Your Business

    Alright, figured since Im in somewhat of a hiring phase I would document and outline how I'm going about the process. While I've hired people within the US to manage my warehouse and operations I am going to specifically go over how to find and hire a VA for your company. We start in the...
  14. E

    Developers for a short-term contract

    Hey guys, if you’re searching for highly skilled Developers for a short-term contract, just let me know (no, I'm not from a staffing agency). In our startup, we have a great development team that involved in building chatbots with NLP. Despite we have several customers, we realized that we...
  15. R

    Hiring people at a young age.

    Hey, I'm new here! I used to use Stack Exchange and it's different communities.... but those people are not very nice about their answers, and too much criticism is involved. Anyways, I hope this is better! Background: So, I am 15 and I have a conglomerate that I own and am leading. However, my...
  16. Benacles

    Thinking about hiring on Fiverr? Do not miss this 4 battle-tested tips

    Hi there, Since I’ve been using Fiverr a lot lately, I thought about sharing a few principles I now live by when hiring on that platform. It took a great deal of time and hassle before coming up with these; my sincere hope is that they will save you both. Note that the tips should work just...
  17. J

    STEP BY STEP: how I found 5 unpaid VA's to work with my startup.

    Hello! Just wanted to share this method here (step by step) as it's significantly increased the amount of busy-work that gets out the door each day. I feel obliged to share because it's made a world of a difference for me in my 2nd year, and I think a lot of entrepreneurs could use the help in...
  18. Mike Partee

    Interview Questions to Hire for Character

    As the old adage goes... "You can Train for Skill, but you can't Train for Character." Disclaimer: I've only hired 5-6 different freelancers over the past year. However, the quality of the Freelancers dramatically improved after utilizing these interview questions. In fact, every hire that...
  19. R

    Hiring sales reps. Advice?

    Hey All, I've reached a point where I can no longer cover all of the bases on my own. Too many leads and not enough time. I've decided to bring on a few sales reps to help out. The question: Where do I find them? As of now, I'm planning on posting a job description on Indeed. I'll be looking...
  20. Johnny Bravo

    How to Source Contractors

    I am looking for contractors to develop a prototype for ultimate production. This is a small electronic device with an accompanying smart phone app and probably computer app as well. The problem is, I don't know the first thing about electrical engineering. How does one go about selecting a...