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  1. Hermilio

    Coming Back - You Didn't See That Coming

    Yeehaw, partners. I bet that when you last saw a post of mine, you thought I was just another dreampreneur who left for a thoroughly slowlane-y life. Well, buckle up, because ever since I left: - I built my first business (2020-2021) which sold educational experiences (basically, good courses)...
  2. DougieFresh

    A Physician Assistant Story (a SlowLaner's dream)

    Hey I wanted to post this here to see if there were others like me, in the medical field, searching for a way out, or at least a leg up. I've always been a top notch problem solver and it really makes you feel good inside when you are able to help another human being. That's why the career...
  3. wallacejonathank

    Dodged a bullet by NOT following my "passion"

    I just got done reading Chapter 29 of Unscripted (The wonder twins of epically bad life advice), and it got me thinking about how I dodged a bullet early in my career. When I graduated four years ago, I thought I wanted to work in sports marketing because the sports industry was my "passion." I...
  4. meira1026

    Feedback on improving healthcare

    I have a proposal for a new business idea and would like to pose a few questions: 1. On a scale of 1-10, how efficient is our current healthcare system (ability to access needed care?) 2. What, if anything, could be done to improve the system? 3. Do you have trouble remembering your medical...
  5. ycee

    How do I choose my MVP?

    Hey Fastlaners, I'm working on a remote consultation platform, similar to Jane App - Practice Management Software for Health & Wellness Practitioners. It would be a platform for doctors to set timings, send special links to patients, collect payments, take video consultations, and give...
  6. ycee

    Idea: A virtual clinic SaaS for doctors

    Since most doctors are also WFH, i.e. consulting patients from home. Their processes are disorganized. They'll either call their patients on whatsapp or skype, the timings may not be clear, the patient might now show up, it's difficult to collect payments, etc. It's also difficult to...
  7. Galaxy16

    How to know which doctor to trust?

    Wealthy individuals and celebrities might confront a rogue doctor whose best interest is not necessarily the wealthy individual's best interest. How does e.g. Donald Trump know that he can really trust his doctors? How does Trump know that one doctor has not secretly added lethal ingredients...
  8. Lord Business

    Journey to freedom, purpose and 5+ mil networth through healthcare businesses

    Ether I'll be a multi-millionaire in next 3-5 years or totally broke. I'd like to think I'm on an epic journey and through sharing it (not taking in account what the business outcome is), I hope at least one person in the future can learn something from my successes and failures. MY BACKGROUND...
  9. Galaxy16

    When is the right time to get surgeries? (LASIK, Foregen)

    Hello. The glorious books of DeMarco truly expand freedom for life. The FastLane is better than any useless college degree. However, there are a few traces from my slowline parents I would like to erase off myelf. I do not hate my parents, but I would like to live my life without their...
  10. Ron Tester

    Physical therapist, entrepreneur, learner, doer

    My name is Ron Tester. I'm a physical therapist, entrepreneur, and perpetual learner. I've read a ton of business books and I absolutely love The Millionaire Fastlane. As I am growing from one opportunity to the next, I want to share what I have learned and learn from others. If you have...