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health insurance

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  1. Cat Lady

    Best way to do employee heath coverage?

    Let's talk health benefits for employees. We have 4 employees >30 hours a week and 4 part time staff. We'd like to extend a health care stipend, and it looked like a QSEHRA was the best way to do it. It lets us extend the same amount (i.e. $200 a month) to every employee to reimburse for any...
  2. FreedomVibes

    O/T: HEALTH Turning 26 - No W2 Job - Health Insurance Options?

    Hey All, I live in the US and turn 26 next month, so am being pushed off my parents health insurance plan. I no longer work for a large company after quitting last summer, but do own a few small businessess that bring in small income, as well as savings in the bank. Any suggestions on what to...

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