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hard work

  1. M

    How did you go from a slacker to a hard worker?

    TL;DR: I'm looking for actionable advice that you have used to become more hardworking, which I hope will be valuable for other members with the same struggles. My Background I'm 22 years old and started studying product engineering last year. I joined this forum a few years back, but I stepped...
  2. Subsonic

    I only watch porn once a day...

    I was on r/self-improvement recently and I saw a post of a young man complaining that he was a looser and a virgin at 28 even though he does "everything". He studies biology, works out 3 times a week, drinks 4L of water a day, meditates and only eats 50g of sugar a day or smth like that. He...
  3. Ella R

    My journey of determination, hard work, and self-discovery

    Hello! It took me almost a year to conquer my fear and be able to write in this forum. I kept reading all the posts, and I am admiring all of your successes. I am really thankful for all the insights from this forum and especially for @MJ DeMarco books that made me change my perception about...
  4. RayanMargham

    Is Success down to hard work or luck?

    Now I've always believe that success comes down to doing the hard work and dedication and I don't believe in luck, after seeing this video by derek I'm not sure if my mindset is a correct one or not? View: I just want to know other people's...
  5. M

    I'm a new 17 year old entrepreneur who needs advice

    Hello I'm a young entrepreneur at the age of 17 and was wondering how to get started. If I can intern for anyone who thinks there a good business man/woman. I will be there to learn and work hard. And I could use some advice if your willing thank you!
  6. MaxKhalus

    [Daily Update] Watch me go from Freelancer To Entrepreneur

    Hi everyone, They say that writing your goals down increases the chance you take action. That's why I'm starting this daily thread. Hopefully, this will serve as inspiration for others to take action as well. I want to introduce this quickly. My name is Max and I'm a 19-year-old freelance...
  7. Royce2

    2nd Surgery, Off-work, Bills Due

    Hello everybody, The purpose of this post is to let off some steam, put my worries and frustration on digital paper and take a step back, breath in and keep going. Also, to hear some valuable advice from you guys who I'm sure were stuck in similar downtrends. My situation in life at the...
  8. Argue


    Just a reminder to myself to Just Do It. Needed to put this out in the universe. Although Shia looks like he's clowning around, this video reminds me to stop overthinking... just do it. At the end, it starts with baby steps.