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  1. Andy Black

    Overthinking is the art of solving problems you don’t have

    My goodness but many of you sure do over-complicate things. Do the first thing first. Then do the next. As you step over one hurdle the next hurdle reveals itself. This is *normal*. You need to understand that hurdles are just stepping stones in disguise, and your path only reveals itself...
  2. Andy Black

    NOTABLE! Describe your first sale as an entrepreneur!

    I love reading stories of how people got started, especially the turning point where people make their first sale and get hooked. Let’s see if we can inspire other forum members to make their first sale. What’s the story of your first sale? How did you feel in that moment? What changed from...
  3. Andy Black

    You can't steer a parked car

    I collect quotes. I love the advice from Amy Hoy to "Help the people in motion." But I overheard an even better one by James Schramko in a podcast recently. "You can't steer a parked car." It makes us realise how stupid it is to help those who aren't in motion. If you're in sales (and who...
  4. focusedlife

    The NEED Rule: Hustlers Addendum

    Hi All, My name is Carlos and I'm a recovering sidewalking slowlaner. I'm nowhere near fastlane, however, I've managed to maintain a decent Freelance lifestyle working as a strategic marketing consultant and copywriter assassin for hire. Generally, I work with local small business types, but...
  5. Andy Black

    HOT TOPIC AndyTalks with @Contrarian about starting his side hustle in local lead gen

    AndyTalks with @Contrarian about starting his side hustle in local lead gen @Contrarian is amazed it's so simple. No building fancy landing pages. No building "directories". I facepalm about people building "stuff" - directories, social networks, etc - when they're just trying to connect...

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