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  1. D

    How do you build a high quality community (like this forum) from scratch?

    I'm building an online community and guiding space for a small niche that my business operates in (Adventure travel). Have created a website with forum & groups, but the challenge is building it in a right way, attracting quality people and posts. @MJ DeMarco mentioned in his book, that...
  2. Galaxy16

    Embarrassing posts on various forums using real name.

    A friend from my earlier school made embarrassing posts on various online forums at age ~13, whose topics are related to love and sex. His nickname was his real name, and his real name is rather rare. Let's just say: he has been a naughty pervert. And he could delete posts or threads, but not...
  3. Andy Black

    How to use forums (and Facebook groups)

    How to use forums (and Facebook groups) I'm going to braindump some of my learnings about using Forums and Facebook groups. For those trying to "validate a need" (I kinda hate that phrase), then forums and Facebook groups are a fantastic resource. Not only do people nicely group themselves...