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financial advice

  1. anonyXOL

    Yes but what if you don't have the peace of mind needed for business?

    Hey! I'm new to this forum, I came here after reading the millionaire fastlane. Ok, I know the principles of wealth. I know how I'm supposed to attract money by providing value for a lot of people (scale) or providing greater value to a few people. I know the principles of business but there's...
  2. L

    Should I go on this 5-month trip to Canada?

    Hey, I am currently 19 years old and finished school this year in Germany. My wish for a long time was to go to high school in Canada and live with a host family. Now I got a possibility for it. But the costs are extremely high (15000€ for 5 months stay). I work full time myself, but my...
  3. Ryan Harun

    What is your starting point to learn financial literacy?

    I'm aware and really concern that I need to learn financial literacy to get wealthy but Im just wondering what was your starting point to learn such a stuff. Tell me more about your foundation and the most effective way to learn it, I need to learn from each and everyone of you. Please feel...
  4. D

    Investing on Nexo

    Hi guys. Recently, I've been reading more about investing and searching for places to do so. During my research, I came across Nexo. I understand that there is an option in which Nexo acts like a bank with rates of 8%, paid daily. I'm interested in exploring this, as my bank offers rates way...