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  1. M

    Ferrari Takes Issue with Instagram Douchebaggery

    The Lambo guys (at least what I remember) always thought the Ferrari owners were douchebags, especially the guy who bought the old Magnum PI 308 for $52K and now suddenly thinks he's the hottest thing since sliced bread. The Ferrari guys probably thought the same of Lambo owners. Whatever the...
  2. Evil_Jester

    I Approached a Young Ferrari Driver Outside of Gym

    I said "Hey man I love the car. You look like you're killing it!" He was upper twenties and ripped. Couldn't put a finger on what he be doing for $$. Me: "Do have career advice for somebody in my situation?" He said he was in medical sales and was new to the city. It never hurts to ask!
  3. biophase

    NOTABLE! How to Buy A Ferrari for $20K

    So a few weeks ago I'm looking at this 2006 Ferrari 360 Modena in red with nice wheels. Asking price is about $100k. I'm not one to spend $100k on a car, because every time I've had money I've put it into investments. So my other thought was I should just buy an investment condo which returns...
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