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fastlane freedom

  1. Jonathan S.Diaz

    Just read TMF. Someday is today

    I’ve just read TMF and It’s been a wake up call for me. I’ve finally realized what “someday” really means: all this time I have been thinking “some day I’ll start my own business”, waiting for the moment I have the experience or knowledge or money, “someday when I have the money” or “someday...
  2. bizguy4life

    Fastlane Exit ??? What do I do???

    Hello everyone, I am looking of some opinions and advice from those of you who have successfully fast-laned.. First and foremost MJ your book is amazing and it was a very enjoyable read... I am 48 this year and I run a successful business in the service industry which generates close to 3...
  3. Galaxy16

    INTRO Transformed life. ☆FREEDOM☆

    Hello. I can not stress, how glad I am to have read the FASTLANE book. It potentially determined my future. My poor parents, who unfortunately lived out the scripted slowlane among a limited salary, chained to their limited lifetime, finally were convinced to buy me that book. Now, I have to...
  4. thefastroad

    Everything big, starts small.

    Hey guys, i was just going around and looking at businesses back in the day. Specifically internet businesses, like google, yahoo and so on. lets you see old "snapshots" of how websites looked like back in the day. Then i got the idea to look at Mj's old fastlane...
  5. Lex DeVille

    OFF-TOPIC Light at the end of the tunnel..

    A quick vid to show you that, yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel, even if it doesn't seem like it right now. Tunnels are dark. They can be scary. What's on the other side is worth the journey through. Wanted to share for those dealing with anxiety or self-doubt about starting down this...
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