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facebook ad

  1. shubham___3011

    I know Facebook ads but dont know what to do next

    Hello fellow fastlaners! I have been learning facebook ads past 2 months and have got a very good theoretical knowledge about the same, I want to practice and get my hands dirty in it but I am confused how should i do it, I really want to get hands on experience before i start freelancing (...
  2. shubham___3011

    $156 for a Facebook Ads course. Worth it??

    Hello there folks! I have been trying to navigate my career in Facebook ads domain and i recently came across this course which has amazing reviews and teaches you the a to z of facebook ads but the problem here is it worth 13k and im abit skeptical if i enroll for the course or not. what do...
  3. hanna101

    Boost Facebook Ad Results Through Strategic Scaling

    With over 2.9 billion monthly active users, Facebook remains one of the most powerful advertising platforms for brands looking to drive results. But simply creating ads and increasing your budget doesn’t guarantee success. You need a data-driven approach to scale campaigns efficiently. In this...
  4. ycee

    How to get your product in front of a targeted & enthusiastic audience (without wasting $$ on FB ads)

    Think about the energy at a massive stadium during a game. The people, the passion, the enthusiasm, the loud cheer for their favorite player... An image is worth a thousand words... Live this moment for a bit. Do you feel the energy? Now imagine your product is bought into the arena. Not...
  5. DW85014

    Put in my 2 weeks 1.5 weeks ago and I don't won't to work for anyone else (other than clients) again...HELP

    So I have been working non-stop at agency focusing on Facebook ads and helping about 70 clients with non-stop zooms and reports and Ad audits and for the 2nd time in short time there I resigned but I am letting this one stick. Weirdly enough, the evening I put in my 2 weeks I got another job...
  6. ycee

    The only solution to Facebook ads performance drop that worked for me (it's not TikTok)

    The ongoing privacy-related updates by Apple after iOS 14.5 have pretty much killed Facebook ads. This means Facebook’s data and tracking abilities are that much worse. This is why you see your ROAS is down, CPMs are up, Reach is declining, and conversions are decreasing. So how do you adapt...
  7. OverByte

    Why iOS 14.5 Didn't Kill Facebook Ads Tracking

    Forums and blog posts keep saying that iOS 14.5 killed facebook ad tracking, I'm posting this to explain why that's not the case. To investigate I went to the source (the apple dev docs) and deciphered them so you don't have to. Almost everyone is tapping 'Ask App not to Track' so why isn't...
  8. shakeshake

    FB ADS/ Choose the Right Objective after spending 250k

    Hey everyone, In total I've already spent over 250k on Fb ads with a perfect ROI, absolutely very satisfied with this platform. But my big question to you guys: how the F*ck can you make it work without the conversion target? Brand awareness, clicks to the website, nothing works. Only if I...
  9. F

    How do I get my disabled Facebook Ads account unblocked and which Facebook policies triggered my ad account to be closed?

    Hi Fastlaners, My Facebook Ads account has been blocked, banned, disabled, closed, ... These are a couple of the messages that Facebook shows to me at various places: Ad account disabled: You can't use this account to run ads. Its ads have stopped running and some of its advertising assets are...
  10. kalx

    Affiliated marketing idea. $2381 per 2 weeks

    Jan 1st to 18th, I earned $2381 per 2weeks. In korea, I use affiliated site to earn my money. And It's my result. There's so many affiliated site in korea. Coupang partners, Amazon Affiliate, Tenping, Naver Adpost..,etc. There's so many afflicated site on your country also! So how to earn...
  11. Lee Wright

    Critique Of My Sales Funnel

    I keep hearing over & over how a business needs to have a sales funnel. I've tried in the past without luck but maybe my execution was poor. Here's how I understand a sales funnel: 97% of customers are not ready to buy right now (sounds about right. I get 2.5% conversion from my...
  12. ethandiaz

    Facebook Advertising

    Hey all, I have a question for those who use Facebook as one of their advertising tools. You should all know about making a Custom Audience and how it usually takes some time for the audience to populate before being able to use this new custom audience. However, I've recently made a custom...