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employee problems

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  1. E

    I have hired an employee but I am nagged to make these registrations - legit or not?

    Hello there, Okay so I am the manager of a digital marketing agency and I have recently hired an employee. The days prior to signing the contract, the conversations were running smoothly. After the signing of the contract though, my employee started being quite pushy about a certain...
  2. C

    Honesty - how to handle dishonest employee

    Hey all, I just joined the group. I have an 8 yr employee that I've felt has taken advantage of my generosity increasingly more the last few years. I've suspected her of fudging her hours but I never had hard evidence until now. Most of my team is on salary and the last thing I want to worry...
  3. Soulrize

    RANT Help dealing with food industry employees

    This post was motivated by me being flustered. I have an employee who I know isn't a good fit for my business and was here only because she was the previous owner's employee, I have dealt with her shit and racked it up as to being a ------ . I have to show patience and a strong amount of...

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